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Toader is go...

Date: 20120129-08:26
Author: Zane C. B-H.
VVelox.net has now been moved over to Toader, from Movabletype

I never really was fond of editing any thing via Movabletype, or for that matter any of the other CMSes or blogging software. They were all web driven piles of crap or bulky unwieldy systems like blosxom. So a bit over a year ago I started work on Toader and am now taking it for a actual test run.

The big thing left now is finishing off the automatic documentation generation I need for EESDP.

CPAN: http://search.cpan.org/~vvelox/Toader/
SVN Web: Perl/Toader

FreeBSD IPFW ACK prioritization firewall type example

Date: 20100207-09:06
Author: Zane C. B-H.
The example below shows separating the traffic out between local, for three subnets, and remote and then prioritizing the remote stuff for getting the ACKs out a bit faster.

If you are using FreeBSD with bittorrent or something else making heavy use of a remote network, this is great for helping smooth out the feel of remote access.

        ${fwcmd} pipe 1 config bw 100Mbit buckets 128
        ${fwcmd} pipe 2 config bw 512Kbit buckets 128
        ${fwcmd} pipe 3 config bw 3Mbit buckets 128

        #outbound ack prioritizing
        ${fwcmd} queue 1 config pipe 2 weight 100 buckets 128
        ${fwcmd} queue 2 config pipe 2 weight 1 buckets 128
        #inbound ack prioritizing
        ${fwcmd} queue 3 config pipe 3 weight 100 buckets 128
        ${fwcmd} queue 4 config pipe 3 weight 1 buckets 128

        #pass stuff to the local pipe
        ${fwcmd} add 500 pipe 1 tcp from me to
        ${fwcmd} add 500 pipe 1 tcp from to me
        ${fwcmd} add 501 pipe 1 tcp from me to
        ${fwcmd} add 501 pipe 1 tcp from to me
        ${fwcmd} add 502 pipe 1 tcp from me to
        ${fwcmd} add 502 pipe 1 tcp from to me

        #pass stuff to the outbound pipe
        ${fwcmd} add 510 queue 1 tcp from me to any tcpflags ack
        ${fwcmd} add 510 queue 2 udp from me to any

        #pass stuff to the inbound pipe
        ${fwcmd} add 520 queue 3 tcp from any to me tcpflags ack
        ${fwcmd} add 520 queue 4 udp from any to me

        #allow everything through
        ${fwcmd} add 65000 pass all from any to any

making remote X uber useful

Date: 20100109-18:01
Author: Zane C. B-H.
The problem with remote X is bandwidth. This means nice things like pixmap heavy themes and etc are a pain.
remoteXcheck=`echo $DISPLAY | cut -d: -f 1`

if [ -z "$remoteXcheck" ]; then

        sonata --hidden&
        #pidgin &
        ekiga &
        autocutsel -fork
        zbgset -l

        xcompmgr -d :0.0&
        xcompmgr -d :0.1&


        xhost +



        export GTK2_RC_FILES="~/.gtkrc-2.0-remote"


fluxbox -rc ~/.fluxbox/init$remote
So for a local connection, it will start several apps, set the background and then run fluxbox using the default config, "~/.fluxbox/init". But for a remote connection, it will not run any apps, will not set the background, will tell GTK to use a alternate theme("~/.gtkrc-2.0-remote"), and tell fluxbox to load "~/.fluxbox/init.remote" for it's config.


Date: 20090922-00:00
Author: Zane C. B-H.
I am happy to announce, the world of managing POSIX users/groups stored in LDAP has gotten even easier.

Plugtools supports adding, modifying, and removing both POSIX users and groups. Best of all, it also supports a plugin system.

The most useful plugin I've written for it so far is Plugtools::Plugins::Samba, which allows Samba users to be created in LDAP as well as turning existing users in LDAP into Samba accounts as well.

Plugtools: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Plugtools/
Plugtools::Plugins::Samba: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Plugtools-Plugins-Samba/


Date: 20120310-06:49
Author: Zane C. B-H.
Saw the movie this weekend. I liked it mostly, minus the ending. My complaints about the it are two, as follows.

1: No squid thing based alien invasion hoax.
2: I don't happen to remember the Night Owl getting as worked up over it all as he did in the comic. He actually came across as a fairly whiny in the movie versus being indifferent towards the events in once he understood them.

Among a smaller complaint, Rorschach did not come across as any near as psychotic of a character in the movie as in the novel. It actually left a nice bit missing as to character. They also happened to miss various chunks of character development for him, such as the parts who would explain who the people were at the end.

In regards to psychotic characters, I think they did a good job of capturing the Comedians character. This part actually surprised me as I was sort of expecting this character's violent personality to be toned down a bit for the movie.

The very major complaint I have with it, is they don't really explore the motivation around why each one became who they are enough. They did a bit, but they missed it for a nice chunk of the characters, especially the first ones.

Easy mounting from the command line.

Date: 20090126-10:09
Author: Zane C. B-H.
alias mudf if \( \! -e ~/mnt/\!\:1 \) mkdir ~/mnt/\!\:1 \; mount_udf /dev/\!\:1 ~/mnt/\!\:1
alias mfat if \( \! -e ~/mnt/\!\:1 \) mkdir ~/mnt/\!\:1 \; mount_msdosfs /dev/\!\:1 ~/mnt/\!\:1
alias mcd if \( \! -e ~/mnt/\!\:1 \) mkdir \!\:1 \; mount_cd9660 -r /dev/\!\:1 ~/mnt/\!\:1
alias um umount ~/mnt/\!\:1
The above TCSH aliases are useful for mounting disks under FreeBSD. Just create '~/mnt/' and dump the commands in '~/.cshrc' and it is good to do.

'mfat' and 'mcd' are mount various MSDOS and ISO-9660 filesystems. Nothing really fancy, but simply choosing a place to mount it. Most importantly it shortens the number of required keys pressed to mount something.

'mcd' changes to a mountpoint for a specified device.

'um' unmounts one of the mounted devices.

ZConf::Runner - Just published.

Date: 20090106-06:37
Author: Zane C. B-H.
Wooho! 24 now.

ThisThis is a little perl module for opening a file based on it's mimetype and specified action. Unlike most other things like this, this allows one to multiple actions to be defined per mimetype. Thus one can have have one for viewing, another for editing, and etc.

This a file can be ran using two methodes. The first is using an available desktop entry and the second is specified command.


LARC::DB! My 23rd Perl module published last night.

Date: 20081228-18:52
Author: Zane C. B-H.
May seem a bit trivial, but I've been feelling annoyed with a lack of a standardized method for storing SQLite DBs and I like the idea of beginning to push SQL for desktop stuff while leaving everything in a nicely organized manner.


I don't remember checking in.

Date: 20081226-22:29
Author: Zane C. B-H.
> alias exit "echo You can checkout any time you like, ; echo  But you can never leave!"
> bindkey -c "^D"  "echo You can checkout any time you like, ; echo  But you can never leave!"

crontab fun

Date: 20081226-22:25
Author: Zane C. B-H.
> setenv EDITOR='crontab -e ; crontab -e'
> crontab -e

Go forkbomb! Go!

I know this can be done using any thing that uses $ENV{EDITOR} or the like, but crontab is just funny.

rsync and error checking

Date: 20081225-02:36
Author: Zane C. B-H.
I am a bit bummed this does not work.
[kitsune@vixen42]/home/kitsune&gr; rsync /dev/urandom /dev/null
skipping non-regular file "urandom"