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Easy mounting from the command line.

Date: 20090126-10:09
Author: Zane C. B-H.
alias mudf if \( \! -e ~/mnt/\!\:1 \) mkdir ~/mnt/\!\:1 \; mount_udf /dev/\!\:1 ~/mnt/\!\:1
alias mfat if \( \! -e ~/mnt/\!\:1 \) mkdir ~/mnt/\!\:1 \; mount_msdosfs /dev/\!\:1 ~/mnt/\!\:1
alias mcd if \( \! -e ~/mnt/\!\:1 \) mkdir \!\:1 \; mount_cd9660 -r /dev/\!\:1 ~/mnt/\!\:1
alias um umount ~/mnt/\!\:1
The above TCSH aliases are useful for mounting disks under FreeBSD. Just create '~/mnt/' and dump the commands in '~/.cshrc' and it is good to do.

'mfat' and 'mcd' are mount various MSDOS and ISO-9660 filesystems. Nothing really fancy, but simply choosing a place to mount it. Most importantly it shortens the number of required keys pressed to mount something.

'mcd' changes to a mountpoint for a specified device.

'um' unmounts one of the mounted devices.