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Date: 20120310-06:49
Author: Zane C. B-H.
Saw the movie this weekend. I liked it mostly, minus the ending. My complaints about the it are two, as follows.

1: No squid thing based alien invasion hoax.
2: I don't happen to remember the Night Owl getting as worked up over it all as he did in the comic. He actually came across as a fairly whiny in the movie versus being indifferent towards the events in once he understood them.

Among a smaller complaint, Rorschach did not come across as any near as psychotic of a character in the movie as in the novel. It actually left a nice bit missing as to character. They also happened to miss various chunks of character development for him, such as the parts who would explain who the people were at the end.

In regards to psychotic characters, I think they did a good job of capturing the Comedians character. This part actually surprised me as I was sort of expecting this character's violent personality to be toned down a bit for the movie.

The very major complaint I have with it, is they don't really explore the motivation around why each one became who they are enough. They did a bit, but they missed it for a nice chunk of the characters, especially the first ones.